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Gilles BARP artiste peintre.jpg

Born and raised in Brittany, Gilles Barp developed a passion for painting early in his childhood – and back then the body was already central to his work. After completing a degree in Graphic Design in Rennes, Gilles’ career takes a twist and he starts working for a printing company – in charge of its industrial activity. But Life is funny sometimes and its long and winding road always takes you back to where you’re initially supposed to go. A few years later, Gilles BARP quits his job to give his passion priority again. He immerses himself into his art and paints the ups & downs of a life that hasn’t always been kind to him. The body and its various expressive forms clearly provides the basis for his artistic direction while his paintings reveal his sensitivity and sincerity and become the perfect set up for strength and softness to express themselves. Gilles’ charcoal drawings show darker shades and moods but he craftily shows us that black has many shades of colour to it …​

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